Fear and Reason

Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by threat of something or to be afraid of. After the civilization there are no more conditions that people have extreme fear of something, people easily pass their life from birth to death without having pain or fear. Having a fear is good also as you become aware on the things you are working on but having extreme fear of something can make you weak, you yourself will be the enemy of your own in such case.

Having a normal fear makes you familiar with the possible causes, outcomes and alert about the danger you might face. If we look up or think more in certain topic then there always lies a fear and this can be changed by providing continuous training to our mind. Self love and Self preservation is also a kind of fear that peoples are not aware of, as it is strongly present in every individuals. The mindset should be clear and fear must be out of our thought, instead it is better to replace fear with a reason. It is said a man goes through different stages, circumstances in his life that causes him with mental traumas and the fear evolves from that phase. Fear results in hurting yourself first so keep it as you can cope with it easily by following many things like keeping yourself busy so that you won’t have enough time for thinking about other things, keep yourself surrounded by peoples, train your mind with the positive thoughts. These things might be the reasons instead of having fear. Keep yourself full of confidence so that no evil can exist in your life. When the reasons for your selfpreservation becomes extremely active then there will be no place for fear to exist. When you have fear of something then the things may not go right, you cannot perform well, you will eventually be followed by a pain. Fear is a creature of imagination the more we think, more it grows and more will be level of unconsciousness as it gets on our nerves the level of consciousness drops out. Fear should always be given with such reason that helps people to change their behavior and way of thinking. Fear is a manifestation in which a individual reacts, all the states of mental mood, behaviors in unbalanced way. Fear can be categorized as fear for self and fear for others. In fear for self you will be centered to be protected while in fear for other you will have a feeling that others are not harmed.

Fear should be bounded by reasons, they will be helpful in providing warning which helps in doing a duty normally or makes you conscious about the abnormalities. There is no situation in anyone’s life as there exists no fear but we can do it control as it depends on us.