Monday, June 15, 2020

Success and healthy aging

Aging is the process of growing old, getting mature. Also healthy aging is the similar process like that of aging but without any complications, disease, disorders. When our body is free from all disabilities that hinders our growth and development it can be said as healthy aging.

When we live with no compromise, no conditions then our life may end sooner as we may be unhealthy. To live a healthy life we should follow certain rules, life needs to run in few conditions for a better living. The person who maintains himself/herself active is found to seem younger, having healthy body, skins with no wrinkles and pigmentation. People who take good care of their health can take good care of their teeth and found to have for longer period of time. Nowadays the number of people suffering from diseases in old age have been found in decreasing in number as people are concerned about their health. The number of old age people living for longer year or dying before age has been reduced comparing with the previous days. As some disease may be hereditary and affect old age people but if taken proper care that is not a big deal. One of the major cause a person seems to be old is because of the amount of food that he/she intakes. If a person eats food containing high amount of carbohydrate he/she is likely to suffer from many disease like diabetes, overweight, fatigue, obesity. As a result person becomes inactive, lazy and seems to be old before his/her age.

For living long healthy and successful life it is better if you take food containing essential vitamins, proteins, minerals. Mostly eating healthy fruits and vegetables will help in providing nourishment to our body. Drinking milk regularly is said to be beneficial for health. Working out and regular health checkup also help in living a healthy and successful life.

Acquire Power Through Self Development

Being happy, building up self confidence is right of every individual. All people want to be happy forgetting the pain, sorrows in their life. To be happy, sad, excited, depressed all are the natural things that happens in life of every individual as a phase of development. It is up to a person whether he/she wants to happy or sad, it can be done by ourselves eliminating the negative thoughts and energy that are obstruction in the path for living a happy life.

When people suffers or go through any sorts of miseries in their life it is because of their high expectance or kind of ignore they have been facing from others. Our happiness lies in our wisdom. To find perfect wisdom, happiness you need to able to understand, eliminate all the illness, suffering which is distracting yourself to build up your confidence and to be happy further. Why we have to suffer is because of lack of certain knowledge on how we are taking things, perceiving knowledge, the right path will be right in front of us but we are not able to see it as mostly everyone sees the path through which he had faced troubles and he himself has no idea how to deal further with it. For this one needs to see, try to overcome the problems instead of running away only then the power, energy of positivity will enroll. There are many problems before us and it is likely we deal with them, sometimes we may not notice the difficult situation that we might be facing in near future and get to know about that only when it comes to us. Man is created as a compete human being, superior than all other creatures just he need to explore what skills and abilities he possess for making his life healthy, happy, prosperous. In our life there might be many circumstances that may result in happy well being or that may result in hard situation to cope with. If one day we are happy by the birth of individual, the next day it can be converted into grief by the death of your beloved one.

Our today’s loving friend can be tomorrow changed into the enemy. Our today’s wealth might be no longer be with us tomorrow. All such things in our life are uncertain and unpredictable. This miseries all start with the vanity and results in all the losses, then why not to leave such thing but no almost all individual have proud or greed of something so it cannot be left soon. When one understand these things he then is said to be developed. Life will be all happy after that and leads to the evolutionary journey.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Staying fit and healthy aging

Aging or maturity starts initially from the day when we take birth and the development processes that gradually goes on. In order to keep ourselves fit with growing age with we need to take care of many things. Maintaining our dietary supplements, exercising regularly, working in schedule will help us in maintaining our health.

If a person is not balancing such things in the end he/she will be weak than others if compared. Also the persons who are maintaining themselves throughout all day they will look a bit younger than the person of his/her same age who are not balancing their things. Talking about the food that a person should take should contain all the nutrients and minerals necessary for the body. If our body is not getting the proper amount of nutrients necessary for our body we take them from medicines which are found in medical stores in order to keep ourselves fit, healthy, active. Some people may disturbed because of their weight as they cannot keep themselves active all day long. For such peoples it is always a good idea to go on jogging early in the morning, eat light amount of food during the meal time and do some minor exercises because of which they may not feel lazy and working out will help to reduce their weight too. You can eat more fruits and vegetables in place of carbohydrate containing food like rice, bread, potato etc.

Also avoiding food that are oily, contains much of spices which are not considered good for our health as they result in increasing the cholesterol level, sugar level, fluctuation in blood pressure. Drinking a lot water will help us to prevent from disease. Also drinking few glass of water before your meal will help you to balance the amount of food, you will eat less which is beneficial for you in maintaining body and overall health. Sitting in sun for few minutes will also be beneficial for maintaining healthy skin and looking young.

Fear and Reason

Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by threat of something or to be afraid of. After the civilization there are no more conditions that people have extreme fear of something, people easily pass their life from birth to death without having pain or fear. Having a fear is good also as you become aware on the things you are working on but having extreme fear of something can make you weak, you yourself will be the enemy of your own in such case.

Having a normal fear makes you familiar with the possible causes, outcomes and alert about the danger you might face. If we look up or think more in certain topic then there always lies a fear and this can be changed by providing continuous training to our mind. Self love and Self preservation is also a kind of fear that peoples are not aware of, as it is strongly present in every individuals. The mindset should be clear and fear must be out of our thought, instead it is better to replace fear with a reason. It is said a man goes through different stages, circumstances in his life that causes him with mental traumas and the fear evolves from that phase. Fear results in hurting yourself first so keep it as you can cope with it easily by following many things like keeping yourself busy so that you won’t have enough time for thinking about other things, keep yourself surrounded by peoples, train your mind with the positive thoughts. These things might be the reasons instead of having fear. Keep yourself full of confidence so that no evil can exist in your life. When the reasons for your selfpreservation becomes extremely active then there will be no place for fear to exist. When you have fear of something then the things may not go right, you cannot perform well, you will eventually be followed by a pain. Fear is a creature of imagination the more we think, more it grows and more will be level of unconsciousness as it gets on our nerves the level of consciousness drops out. Fear should always be given with such reason that helps people to change their behavior and way of thinking. Fear is a manifestation in which a individual reacts, all the states of mental mood, behaviors in unbalanced way. Fear can be categorized as fear for self and fear for others. In fear for self you will be centered to be protected while in fear for other you will have a feeling that others are not harmed.

Fear should be bounded by reasons, they will be helpful in providing warning which helps in doing a duty normally or makes you conscious about the abnormalities. There is no situation in anyone’s life as there exists no fear but we can do it control as it depends on us.

Healthy Cooking

For a healthy life, healthy cooking and having healthy meal is most necessary thing to do. There is always difference in choice of individuals among the family also for the taste of food. We can have wide variety of healthy food items for eating, cooking but for the preference of taste we may not have them. We need to be aware that the food that tastes so good for the tongue may not be healthy, they may contain excess of fats, sugar, spices which may be toxic to your health.

We should select our food in such a way that they provide us proper nourishment and no toxicity, allergies. Healthy cooking is one of the difficult task to do also as many of us need to go on work or come from work late and we do not have enough of time to prepare it well and our family members may refuse to eat the food we have prepared. Also we want our family to eat healthy so we must learn the different ideas for healthy cooking, and at the same time they must like and enjoy that food. A well balanced body and the amount of nutrition necessary for our body is always dependent on what kinds of food we take so it is very necessary for your family members to eat the healthy kinds of food that nurture the body well. Eating more junk food, drinks will increase the blood pressure, sugar level, cholesterol level which may be harmful for us as they add more amount of calories. We can take them occasionally in a limit sometimes though but taking them daily will directly harm us. The most important thing when you are cooking you need to know the proportion of nutrient found in that food item. For the people who wants to do the healthy cooking but do not have adequate knowledge about that they may consult with a doctor or nutrition specialist for getting tips about nutrition content in a food and how healthy cooking can be done.

Some people may say eating healthy and cooking costs more, we may have the packed food materials by looking at the amount of calories that can be healthy too but the packed food consists of chemicals to protect the food for the longer period of time. Such chemicals definitely harm us and if we go on taking them continuously then the day will be sooner when we will be ill, need to seek medical help and at that time the amount of medicine which we have to take will cost more than the amount that we can spend on the healthy eating before which we have neglected and have to suffer the later. Start from the small changes in your cooking habit and that will further encourage in healthy cooking.

Eating Healthy On A Budget

If getting healthy food is a problem because of the price then we need to figure it out how we can get healthy foods on our budget.

Avoid taking excess of junk foods

When go out on your shopping for taking all your food stuffs, it is always a better idea to go alone which will definitely reduce your expense on junk food as you will have only your idea to get things which you want for. But when you take your partner, friends, child with you for your help they will add the items of their choices which may not be important at all.

Getting water or milk instead of soft drink

You can always get your favorite drinks when you go out on a weekend, go on dinner or for partying. So its always a better idea to avoid soft drinks that costs more when you are at home. Also such taking such drinks daily is not good regarding our health. Drinking milk or taking other products of milk is beneficial for children as well as for adults.
They do not provide us with all the essential nutrients that our body needs.

Buy sufficient amount of fruits

When you have enough of budget at that time buy enough of fruits and store it for another season in the fridge so that you need not buy more in the next season and thus will promote in balancing your budget.

Using beans as a substitute

We can use beans instead of meat sometimes. We can make a lots of varieties with beans. Beans cost less than the meat and are also found to be nutritive.


If you are living by the area near to coast where fishes can be found then you can catch them, eat them as a diet which will also help you in saving money.

Eating healthy concerning on your budget is quite easy if you managed to do thoroughly and be smart with your shopping, diet, substitutes, etc.

Vitamins promoting healthy aging

Vitamins are the supplements that provide proper nourishment to our body. They are important for those who are in nutrient deficient. If one is weak then that person may be given vitamins as medicine or can take foods which are rich with vitamin content in them. But if one has enough amount of vitamins already in the body and again takes that then it may cause a harm.

We get vitamins naturally from the food that we take, that might be from fruits, vegetables, beans, etc. And if we do not get enough of vitamin that our body needs from the food that we eat then we have to take them directly as supplements available in form of medicine. Vitamins available in form of medicine can be found in any form like powder, liquid, gel, tablet, etc. It is us who has to choose the right type of vitamin needed for our overall development of body and health. If we cannot figure out the change and how it is working we can consult with our doctor and follow their prescription. Vitamins are helpful in balancing our body weight, help us to look young, acts as anti-aging, also helps in maintaining blood pressure, fight against diseases, relieve stress and many more helpful functions. Different varieties of vitamins are found. Among them few are Vitamin A, D, C, E, K, B1, B12, etc.

  • Vitamin A can be obtained from green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits which helps in building resistance of the body.
  • Vitamin D can be obtained from sunlight that nourishes our skin and overall body.
  • Vitamin E is also known as beauty vitamin can be obtained from fruits.
  • Vitamin C is obtained from citrus fruits which is helpful for making your immune system strong.
  • Vitamin K helps as anti coagulant as it helps to control the flow of blood whenever we get injured or cut by clotting.
  • Vitamin B is essential for the growth and development of body.

How to Motivate Yourself

Motivation is something that teaches or inspires to be constant in anything. Self confidence is the essential factor that determines your success, sometimes we may feel down, low because of lack of motivation. And that lack of motivation or discouragement may not let you to achieve your target or specific objective, it is up to you how you deal with such things and take them for a longer time.

You should be first very clear about what you want in your life and then if it is materialistic thing you want or it is certain position that you want to seek for then cut a piece of paper write what you want to achieve, also mentioning certain time interval and keep it in such place where you regularly see it so that that will remind you daily and will help you to work with motivation. Prepare the list of things that you want to achieve in your life and do a self contract with yourself that will work better than just having a mindset on things like I will do them. When you set a contract with yourself also set a definite time period that I will complete this in may be days, weeks, months or even years, and keep a prize if you complete that in time you will get that prize which will motivate you to do that work in time. If you were working for others you will be somehow concerned more as if you delay doing that you may not be rewarded or may not get the desired payment but when you work for yourself you can neglect things thinking it’s mine I will do it later. So it is better if you keep the reward for yourself too, it will motivate you to work further. The most important thing you need to have in confidence, patience, positivity. There may be times when we have fear that I cannot do the task well at such times if you are surrounded by positive people around you they will enhance you to do that properly, show you your abilities, capabilities. But at the same time if you are surrounded by negative people they will discourage you, make your self- esteem low so its better to keep such peoples out of your life. If you want to be success you always have to look forward and to the brighter side of your life. You can see over the motivational people who have done good in their life and can learn many things from their life. It’s better if you keep working for getting your target it will be fruitful then just letting be it with time.

Keeping yourself busy in work, avoiding negative people, looking to the exemplary character, reading literatures, books, and most importantly keeping yourself happy are the key factors that keeps you motivating.

Sleep disorders and healthy aging

According to many of the researchers it is found that about 70% of people all around the globe face problems because they lack proper rest and sleep. Lack of proper rest causes stress, depression, anxiety, etc. Inadequate amount of sleep is always a sign towards illness.

Good sleep is necessary for the good health. When one lacks proper sleep it causes low concentration and weak memory power. Lack of sufficient amount of sleep can cause us with a disease called as “Insomnia”. The body parts may not work accordingly because of less amount of rest. If the body is lacking rest it will automatically slow down the activities due to lack of energy. To avoid this type of laziness we should set a fixed time table for work, sleep, exercise. If all these things are in routine our body can be healthy enough. It is prescribed we need at least 6 hours of sleep regarding adult and 8 hours of sleep regarding childrens. Likewise if you get too much of sleep during the day time or the waking hours you will find problems while sleeping at the bed hours. So there must be a certain period when you have to work and when you need to sleep. Sleeping more than what our body needs also causes problems like tiredness, fatigue, high blood pressure, etc. Many diseases that are related to heart are mostly affected because of sleeping disorders. According to survey many of the women are found to be suffering from sleeping disorders than men. Sleep disorder may hamper all your body activities or metabolism. Many people experience muscle pain, joint pain getting either more amount of sleep or insufficient sleep.

When we find difficulty in sleeping we should be able to know the cause and eradicate it. Like some people eats heavily at dinner because of which they feel restless and can’t sleep well. It is always better to avoid caffeine as it acts as stimulant and will keep you awake if you consume during the night time. Exercising can also be a better idea as it will help you to rest easily and keep your body healthy.

Lifestyles in healthy aging

People may have their own way of living but when it comes to their health, they are forced to change their lifestyle although it’s a hard thing to do. Living for few more years is always a want of people who go through old age. For that all we need to do is keep our life simple and change the eating habits to a certain extent. In doing so life can go for few more years on changing our living.

First of all we should learn to be relaxed, take proper care of our health and keep our mind in state of peace. It will help us to minimize our stress level. Many people have to give up their lives leaving their family behind, stress can be the cause. In today’s world money has been the main cause of stress. It is needed to fulfill our desires but moreover that it is bringing many problems like if there is a single working person in the family he has to balance all the things out there and its somehow challenging for a single individual to maintain all things accordingly. If he is not able to deal this situation he goes through lots of mental trauma which results in further illness. For coping with this situation you need to self directed as this may happen and share your problems with your family members so that they can help you in managing your work, provide financial support etc. Living healthy life basically depends on you yourself. If you are seeking for a healthy life to live you should know what changes are necessary in your lifestyle?

Probably these are the few things that might help you out:

  • You may change your eating habits. Like if you eat lots of junk and fast food avoid that and start taking plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Workout often to keep yourself free from stress and make your body flexible.
  • Live in peaceful environment. If you are living in crowded area the smoke, gases, pollution may hinder your health.
  • Visit or consult doctor on certain fixed interval that might help you address if you are going through any disorders.