Saturday, June 13, 2020

What is Drug Addiction

Drug simply refers to harmful chemical that can alter the level of our consciousness. It mainly affects our nervous system. And drug addiction means the habit of taking the substances that can alter our consciousness by affecting the nervous system. Some of the harmful drugs are cocaine, heroin, brown sugar, opium, ganja, etc. Nicotine and caffeine are also considered as drugs if we take them in high amount regularly. Regular consumption is not considered good as you may get addicted to that substance and that starts harming you.

Nowadays, mostly the young or the adult generations are found to be intoxicated in drugs. Drug addiction is a serious social problem as it is creating so much of problems in individual’s life, family and also society. Mostly boys are found to be taking drugs because of the bad company, sometimes they want to taste, for short term enjoyment, peer pressure, family issues and many such other reasons and they go on taking it and thus become addicted that they cannot live without taking it. Sometimes the addiction starts from your home itself, if you are taking alcohol, smoking in front of your family members they can be curious and try it learning from the adults in house. Few people start taking drugs to deal with the harsh conditions thinking that can cope from that tension, stress for a short period of time and be out of that. If you are in bad company or in touch with some smugglers then they will enhance you for taking drugs, even they can provide you drugs in free of cost first with the aim that you become habituated of taking and will buy from them. Drugs lower the thinking capability can make dull as it directly affects the mentality of a person. Drug addiction is adversely affecting the life of individual and society. Those who take the drug are affected the most, they don’t know what they are doing. Drug addicts see life from only their perspective what they are doing is good and rest of the other are bad. If anyone tries to provide counseling to them they will be aggressive and will find themselves as everyone’s opponent whom other people are trying to dominate. So the people who are addicted to drugs should be cured with all love and we should try to understand their emotion, pain what they have been going through and then we can treat them easily and help them to get rid from the addiction.

Drug addiction can lead a person to be directed towards criminal activities too. So, everyone should be concerned about this, awareness and education should be given. Also strict rules should be made so that the problem can be uprooted and all the sectors will be concerned towards it.

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