Saturday, June 13, 2020

Urbanization – an Overview

The process of making an area urban or simply converting the rural or remote areas into cities or towns is known as urbanization. The urban areas have small space in comparison to the rural areas as the urban areas are occupied with many buildings and industries. People living in the urban area are more in number than that of rural areas because the facilities provided in urban area are more than that of the rural areas and better too.

The reasons and causes of urbanization is because of the modernization and development , along with them industrialization is also the prime cause of urbanization. Different gadgets , tools, techniques have made our life more easier than in the past and such things can be easily available in the city area. We can say urbanization is a part of development which is creating a path in scientific discoveries. Trade centre, market are very common in urban area and which enroll us to get into many informative things directly. There are many advantages we can utilize and make our life better because of urbanization. We can utilize the facilities like transportation, education, health services, employment, electricity, media of communication and so on. People always try to give their children the best and quality education, the number of schools in the urban area is likely to be more and we can educate them well with the emerging facilities to learn and use different technologies. When we talk about the rural areas the number of people living there is less, there are only few hospitals where only minor cases are examined so people face difficulty to face such situation and move to cities in order to cope from that situation because no people like to keep their life in risk or danger. People can learn about lots of new things in the city area, develop them well and can get the employment easily.

Along with the facilities and advantages of urbanization there are some demerits also. As the population is more the area everywhere seems to be polluted and noisy unlike in the village. People are not that friendly and cooperative as everyone is busy in their own works to make their lifestyle better. The town is filled with the buildings and industries so there is no space or the forest resources we cannot feel the fresh air and the pleasant environment like of village. Life in urban area is busy, difficult but also with lots of opportunities if we can make a wise use.

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