Saturday, June 13, 2020

Sleep disorders and healthy aging

According to many of the researchers it is found that about 70% of people all around the globe face problems because they lack proper rest and sleep. Lack of proper rest causes stress, depression, anxiety, etc. Inadequate amount of sleep is always a sign towards illness.

Good sleep is necessary for the good health. When one lacks proper sleep it causes low concentration and weak memory power. Lack of sufficient amount of sleep can cause us with a disease called as “Insomnia”. The body parts may not work accordingly because of less amount of rest. If the body is lacking rest it will automatically slow down the activities due to lack of energy. To avoid this type of laziness we should set a fixed time table for work, sleep, exercise. If all these things are in routine our body can be healthy enough. It is prescribed we need at least 6 hours of sleep regarding adult and 8 hours of sleep regarding childrens. Likewise if you get too much of sleep during the day time or the waking hours you will find problems while sleeping at the bed hours. So there must be a certain period when you have to work and when you need to sleep. Sleeping more than what our body needs also causes problems like tiredness, fatigue, high blood pressure, etc. Many diseases that are related to heart are mostly affected because of sleeping disorders. According to survey many of the women are found to be suffering from sleeping disorders than men. Sleep disorder may hamper all your body activities or metabolism. Many people experience muscle pain, joint pain getting either more amount of sleep or insufficient sleep.

When we find difficulty in sleeping we should be able to know the cause and eradicate it. Like some people eats heavily at dinner because of which they feel restless and can’t sleep well. It is always better to avoid caffeine as it acts as stimulant and will keep you awake if you consume during the night time. Exercising can also be a better idea as it will help you to rest easily and keep your body healthy.

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