Saturday, June 13, 2020

Picking a Healthy Plant

When you think of gardening then there are two things to be done either sowing the seed in the ground or planting the entire plant.

Both of the things have their own way for growth, if sow the seed then you need to take extra care for the proper germination of seed into a young healthy plant. The shading, lighting, watering should be taken care when growing a plant from seed. Somehow sowing seeds to get a plant is risky also as the seed may not grow if it has deformities, sometimes the insects or birds may eat the seed also of which we may be unknown and wait for the plant to grow. On the other hand if you manage to buy a small plant from market or nursery to grow it may reduce your work to a certain extent. However some plants taken from nursery may not grow well because of the use of chemicals and fertilizer, we must be able to select healthy plants that will further grow well. How can we select the best plant or seeds for planting can be identified with few of the techniques which we will be discussing here and they may be important and informative for the people who are not aware of such things before. Some people may not look at the plant when they buy it randomly, make sure the plant looks nice. If it is healthy it will be nice in appearance, caused with no disease and disorders. If the plant is diseased or have deformities you can find it looking at its structures like the stem may be bent, yellow leaves, rolling and browning leaves, leaves foliation, wilting parts in plant, etc.

Plants can be grown well by vegetative propagation, air layering if you have a healthy plant you can do clonal propagation from that plant. Plants are less harmed if they don’t have flowers, propagation can be easily done through them and many other healthy plants can be raised from the same plant. If you are doing propagation from the plant that consists of flower there are very high chances of plant to die. Next thing you can take care of is always check the roots of the plant before buying because if the roots are not in good condition the plant will die as roots help plants to provide water, minerals from the soil, helps in anchorage, lifts the plant upright. You need to see if there are any rots, decay in the root parts or not.

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