Saturday, June 13, 2020

My First Gardening Experience

Gardening has now become my daily dose of thing as I cannot keep myself from going in the garden, working there for few hours and relaxing there for next couple of hours. Really being in such a pleasant and beautiful place soothes my mind and soul, a kind of energy comes from where after being there for a while, all you are filled with positive vibes.

But remembering the very first day when I entered to the garden for working it was completely different than what I think of it now. It was the season of Monsoon when I first entered into the garden with my father for helping him there and also thinking I will learn to grow plants. But immediately when I entered inside I encountered few caterpillars on the way which was so scary for me. Also when I started working in the mud I found earthworms there, I shouted out there like if working in garden is to work with these creatures I’m not into these things and left from there. I literally thought it was my wrong decision to work in garden but later on my father said me these things are very normal when you in nature to work, they are also the part of nature, just you need to be careful with few such creatures they are not going to harm you. And then when I went for gardening the next times I didn’t found it as that scary as it was for me in the starting days. I became familiar how to work there and loved being in the garden for couple of hours. After that I like to cultivate flowers, fruits, plants. Whenever I find it necessary I do the tending, thinning, weeding, cleaning, pruning and mowing operations. In the past days I made some attempts to make my garden look beautiful, I planted rows of flowers in the either side of entrance, cleared the stones and pebbles from the ground. I also made the small wall from few sticks by decorating them with different colors and erected as a wall thinking no animal and people can get there easily, pluck the flowers and degrade the environment there. Being so fond of gardening I asked with many people about the gardening skills, what we can grow there, how can we take good care of it. Also I searched on internet for learning how to make a garden look healthy, learnt about watering techniques, what mistakes I have been doing till date in my gardening, techniques and species of plants to grow in the respective season and many others things.

This is how my gardening experience turned from a disaster to a very interesting and important part of my life that I cannot miss for even a single day.

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