Saturday, June 13, 2020

Making a Garden

There are several reasons why people want to make garden in their home or nearby their home. Having a garden nearby, looking out there, gardening, scenic beauty there provide everyone with the pleasant and peaceful feelings.

If we are going to make a garden the most important thing to do is the proper selection of site. Area coverage is also the determining factor for making a garden. The space must be abundant in the place where we are making a garden because the plants, fruits, flowers need proper spacing to grow out there and also we people can go there and should be able to roam freely inside the garden area whenever we want to go for the recreation purpose. Also one should take care that the area in which the garden is to be made gets the proper amount of sunlight as it is the foremost thing that plants need for their growth and development. The type of soil in that area should be checked before the cultivation of plants because if we know the soil quality, type, texture we will know which types of plant grows better there and then can do the plantation and cultivation accordingly. While making a garden it is a better idea to make a draft plan or map before we start our work, that will be helpful for us when we actually work for making a garden. It helps in estimation and costing of all the necessary things related with the gardening purpose. Taking care of the garden area is also necessary. For that regular cleaning and weeding of unnecessary plants is necessary because they provide hindrance to the growth of plants which are cultivated there. If it is not done so there will be unnecessary competition between the plant species for food, water, sunlight etc. The idea about maintaining shelter belts and windbreak if known will be better. If the garden area is small the grasses and unnecessary plants can be plucked regularly and can be eradicated, but if the area is large enough the it is better to plough in the areas with unwanted growths because regularly plucking, wedding manually will be a difficult thing to do and also time consuming.

The unwanted plants can be collected and decomposed in one place and later they can be used as green manure or the compost manure which adds nutritive value in the soil and helps plant to grow better. Before planting in the garden the big lumps of soil needs to be converted into finer soil particles only then the sowed seed or plants can grow well as it gets proper aeration in the loosely arranged soil particles.

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