Saturday, June 13, 2020

Importance of Women Education

The living creatures in human society are men and women. For maintaining and having the equal roles and responsibilities all should be given equal rights. The most important thing they need is quality education. Men and women are said or compared to be wheels of same cart, one is incomplete without another.

More than half of the world’s population is occupied by the females, so if they are not given the right to education then half percent of world will be illiterate and it will create a obstruction in the path of development of nation. For a nation to be developed, women should be given with proper education facilities. In most of the societies we can see women facing violence, ignorance. Men’s consider them as tool for reproduction and to carry out household works only. In most of the parts of different countries girls are not sent to school for education as the society and family thinks there is no worth of teaching them , they will get married and look and run their generations. Many of the women are limited in household works they are not supposed to work outside their home. Many of the women’s being illiterate are also conservative as they lack knowledge about different aspects, they are all bounded with superstitious thoughts and beliefs.

Nowadays we can see quite more improvement along with the time period. Girls are also given priority and sent to school, college for education. Most of the people in urban areas are developed and discard the thoughts like before but there are many girls in the rural areas who are deprived of getting education. Educated women and girls can provide contribution to their family, friends, society, also the country. If a mother is educated in a family she makes the whole family educated and looks after the family better. She can teach all the members in the family about right, responsibilities, behavior, discipline etc. When a child is born before going to school, home is the school from where he/she learns about different things, so mother can be said as the first teacher who teaches and shows us different things including rights and wrongs. Also if a women in the house is educated she can work too for making their living better and support her husband emotionally and financially.

For making a change women should be given education, trained, enhance skills and knowledge. Women should be given high priority and should be provided with awareness on how they can uplift themselves in the society.

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