Saturday, June 13, 2020

How Pests Affect Plant Growth

Pest can be said as small insect or animal that can damage the crops or food supplies. Pest is an epidemic disease that results in high mortality rate. If pests are controlled and provides no disturbance in the garden then there will be the healthy gardening.

As human health is also affected and cured by providing proper health facilities, a healthy plant growth can also be possible by providing the proper care in the garden. We can regularly do the operational techniques like weeding, cleaning, pruning in order to remove the disease pests. If any of the plant is affected by certain pest then the entire gardening can be affected as the pest can transmit from one plant to another which are nearby that infected plant or in contact through roots, branches. Pests result in plant to be diseased, damaged, forked, leaf defoliation and so on. To prevent from this regular spacing and lopping of plants can be done. Pests affect the flowering and fruiting patterns mainly. Pests affect the plants and their growth, habitat of organisms can eventually be destroyed as well as it results in degradation of natural resources like reduction in water quality, destruction and damage to the native plant species, increase in soil erosion, decrease in soil quality, texture. Pests are also one of the main cause for the reduce in production. Along with the disadvantages few insect or animals are also there which are found to be beneficial in the plant growth. Earthworms are also known as farmer’s friend as they plough the field naturally when they move in and out in the soil surface. This results in providing aeration to the plant roots for their further growth and development. Also they help in adding humus content in the soil. Likewise some birds help the plant to grow properly by eating the small insects present in the soil surface which are helpful in plant growth. Toad and frogs are also found to be helpful as they the insects like beetles, bugs, mosquitoes which are degrading the garden’s environment.

If garden pests are not controlled naturally they can be controlled with the help of various insecticides and pesticides found in the market. Using insecticides and pesticides should also be done by knowing how and where to use. If it is not done so then it may also affect the plant which may even result in the death of plant. Small insects can become pest in the garden as they eat the parts of plant that may result in wilting of plant parts.

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