Saturday, June 13, 2020

Home decorating for summer

Summer has always been my favorite season, I feel it’s a perfect time to start up your works as it gives me with very refreshing and pleasant kind of vibes. It’s the time in a year when we can enjoy variety of fruits like mango, watermelon, peach, berry, cucumbers and many more.

In Summer, the days are longer and the nights are shorter, we can enjoy watching fireflies that light up the sky filled with all joy and excitement. Thinking all these things decorating your home in summer becomes a much more interesting. As we have plenty of fruits in this season we can use baskets in our kitchen tables and decorate it with the different kinds of fruits available at your place. Also we can keep the flowers inside our home in the flower pot or vase daily as we can also have many varieties of flowers growing in this season. Basket and vases can be used in any part of your house for decorating it with fruits, flowers, also they can be utilized for keeping many tiny materials in the house which will be helpful in keeping the things in proper place rather than being scattered here and there. If you have knowledge of decorating things by art, craft then you can use the papers, old clothes and use them in decoration purpose. You can also paint the old materials present at your home and can make them beautiful in appearance. You can reuse various cans of juice by painting them, gluing thread around them and use as penholder, makeup holder etc. Also you can color the flower pots differently to make them look attractive. If you like to do the artistic kind of things then you can also paint your rooms in different style and color to make them attractive, if you are good and drawing and painting then you can utilize your time there and can hung the pictures in wall as a part of decoration. If there are good but unused curtains then you can transform them into small pillow covers, table covers for attraction.

You can make your house look good by adding extra lights or you may just use candles with attractive candle holders at night to make a good vision and when the candle lights up you will see a very eye catching and pleasing view. You make decorate your house with different wooden furniture. Decoration of house in summer can be done by planting indoor and outdoor plants. We can utilize part of our home where we can grow different flowers that will add to our house. We can put wind charm at the balcony as wind blows that will give melodious sound as well it will be pretty for the look also.

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