Saturday, June 13, 2020

Deforestation and its Effect

The act of cutting down trees or clearing the forest areas is known as deforestation. Forests are very important for us to live a sustained life. Rapidly the forest resources are being degraded by the human activities, people are clearing down the forest for their benefit and use.

We get a lots of things from the forest so it is our duty to conserve the forest resources, we people should be responsible for all the deeds. There are many reasons why deforestation is so leading these days. Among them over population is one of the most important factor for it, people are continuously using the forest resources in order to fulfill their demands. Mostly people clear down the forest area for settlement and to make agriculture land in the forest area. People cut down the trees to make furniture, or firewood, timber, also for feeding the cattle, sometimes they leave the animals free in the forest area in order to graze and browse which in return damage the forest crops and makes them to grow delay. People lack the sense of awareness also in many parts where people are illiterate and they don’t know about the importance of forest and how it brings changes in environment if we use them carelessly. Construction of roads, making industries are also the cause of deforestation. People clear down the forest area, make it barren and use it according to their will but this will definitely degrade the land and land use pattern, its productivity, capability, fertility, etc.

Deforestation will be the reason for many natural disasters to happen like flood, landslide, drought, soil erosion, pollution, global warming etc. When we cut down the trees the water holding capacity of soil will be less as a result when heavy wind, storm, rainfall occurs the topsoil gets carried away by the external agents easily and it will bring the changes in environment. Global warming the ongoing cause is also the result of deforestation as there is more amount of carbon, less amount of oxygen which warms up the earth and as a result variations in temperature, weather, season can be seen and it has a negative impact on the living beings, whole the system is not balanced. Similarly many of the wild animals and birds are being extinct as they lack the habitat when the forests are destroyed. We can get many medicinal herbs, food, fruits, firewood, timber from the forest so if the forest doesn’t exist then we cannot exist, entire nature will be affected. In order to conserve the forest all the knowledge about its importance and impact is necessary to be provided every people and work together for its conservation.

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