Saturday, June 13, 2020

An overview of Environment Pollution

Environment is basically the surrounding around us, all living creatures living in nature have their own environment, habitat where they live in. Nowadays as the trend of urbanization and industrialization are growing more as the means of development our environment is getting degraded day by day.

The main cause of environment degradation is overpopulation which leads in destruction of natural resources like deforestation. The natural environment now has been adversely changed and affected because of the unusual activities of we humans. People are cutting down forest areas for their benefits like for settlement as the population is growing day by day, for firewood and timber, for furniture, for building houses, industries which is directly causing the imbalance in the environment and ecosystem.

Another cause of environment degradation is pollution. Pollution refers to the contamination or affecting the quality of any substance. It will bring change in the quality and quantity of the natural resources . Different kinds of pollution are air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, soil pollution etc. More or less pollution is responsible for bringing change in environment other than the normal state, and the cause of pollution is also the human activities. As the urbanization and industrialization are in progress the harmful chemicals or the wastes degrade the quality of land, water sources. Industries should be built far away from the residential area in order to control the pollution. People are being careless day by day they are throwing the waste anywhere they want to rather than making a safe site for the disposal of waste. People lack the sense that they are degrading the environment in which they have been living, if they make the wise use of waste by reusing, recycling or decomposing it will be beneficial to them also the environment remains balanced and healthy. Most of the people may be uneducated and unknown about the consequences what they might face because of deforestation, pollution in the coming days. Unplanned urbanization and industrialization is causing pollution in soil and water as they do not have enough space for the waste disposal and make the outlet of waste materials in the water source and land that is around them which affects the life of creatures living there , the water and land quality gets depleted. When the environment is degraded it can be the cause of various disease also. Greenhouse effect, ozone layer depletion, acid rain, etc are the severe cases that might happen because of pollution. The land will be less cultivable than it used to be before pollution. Overall cause is whole the ecosystem gets unbalanced, it is so the duty of we peoples to take care after such things before facing the consequences.

We can generate awareness programs, conduct afforestation, proper use of pesticides should be taught and few laws should be made so that people will be concerned and responsible towards it.

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