Saturday, June 13, 2020

A Memorable Day in My Life

We go through a lots of changes in our life, we enjoy, see and deal with different events in our overall journey of life. Among all those things what we go through few events might in our life which we cannot forget for our entire life. The day which is memorable to me is when I was in grade nine.

At that time we had a function in our school as well as farewell for our seniors. It was just the beginning of summer, the weather was very refreshing to work in it and the most important thing is that we were given all the responsibilities to manage and conduct the program happening on that day. It was a great opportunity to show all of our teachers, family, seniors about how we can make it the best day. Also a very challenging task like how we will manage all things in a proper order, there was a little fear in everyone’s mind like what if something goes wrong. Keeping all those dark sides away we promised with each other to make that program even better than others could do and worked for it. We all the whole class students discussed and decided to divide our work and make a draft plan before starting and arranging things so that it will be easy for conducting all works accordingly. We set different departs for different groups like who will look after cultural programs, who will call and invite the guests, who will prepare the garlands, who will be hosting the program, who will go to buy the necessary things for the program and many other things like this. We started working before a week so that if we have any limitations we can fulfill that before the last hours, that is the program day. We all were very concerned and planning it as our big day with full excitement and sharing all our happiness together. When finally the day came which we have been waiting for, we became very happy as the first impression when everyone came there were praising for our work as we have decorated the stage very beautifully. We had scheduled the program also in such a manner that no one would feel boring, we had kept speech, drama, singing, dancing in a pattern that everyone was enjoying. The time ran out and few of the programs were left which we thought of discarding but everyone insisted to show all those ignoring the time limits.

It was really impressive as everyone was so satisfied with our arrangement and I personally felt very good working with my entire group sharing those precious days with all the dedication and cooperation and which taught us few lessons like if we together there is no such thing which we cannot do and we can learn many more good things when we share the bond of togetherness. Everyone congratulated us for our work and that day indeed is the one which is unforgettable for me.

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