Monday, June 15, 2020

Success and healthy aging

Aging is the process of growing old, getting mature. Also healthy aging is the similar process like that of aging but without any complications, disease, disorders. When our body is free from all disabilities that hinders our growth and development it can be said as healthy aging.

When we live with no compromise, no conditions then our life may end sooner as we may be unhealthy. To live a healthy life we should follow certain rules, life needs to run in few conditions for a better living. The person who maintains himself/herself active is found to seem younger, having healthy body, skins with no wrinkles and pigmentation. People who take good care of their health can take good care of their teeth and found to have for longer period of time. Nowadays the number of people suffering from diseases in old age have been found in decreasing in number as people are concerned about their health. The number of old age people living for longer year or dying before age has been reduced comparing with the previous days. As some disease may be hereditary and affect old age people but if taken proper care that is not a big deal. One of the major cause a person seems to be old is because of the amount of food that he/she intakes. If a person eats food containing high amount of carbohydrate he/she is likely to suffer from many disease like diabetes, overweight, fatigue, obesity. As a result person becomes inactive, lazy and seems to be old before his/her age.

For living long healthy and successful life it is better if you take food containing essential vitamins, proteins, minerals. Mostly eating healthy fruits and vegetables will help in providing nourishment to our body. Drinking milk regularly is said to be beneficial for health. Working out and regular health checkup also help in living a healthy and successful life.

Acquire Power Through Self Development

Being happy, building up self confidence is right of every individual. All people want to be happy forgetting the pain, sorrows in their life. To be happy, sad, excited, depressed all are the natural things that happens in life of every individual as a phase of development. It is up to a person whether he/she wants to happy or sad, it can be done by ourselves eliminating the negative thoughts and energy that are obstruction in the path for living a happy life.

When people suffers or go through any sorts of miseries in their life it is because of their high expectance or kind of ignore they have been facing from others. Our happiness lies in our wisdom. To find perfect wisdom, happiness you need to able to understand, eliminate all the illness, suffering which is distracting yourself to build up your confidence and to be happy further. Why we have to suffer is because of lack of certain knowledge on how we are taking things, perceiving knowledge, the right path will be right in front of us but we are not able to see it as mostly everyone sees the path through which he had faced troubles and he himself has no idea how to deal further with it. For this one needs to see, try to overcome the problems instead of running away only then the power, energy of positivity will enroll. There are many problems before us and it is likely we deal with them, sometimes we may not notice the difficult situation that we might be facing in near future and get to know about that only when it comes to us. Man is created as a compete human being, superior than all other creatures just he need to explore what skills and abilities he possess for making his life healthy, happy, prosperous. In our life there might be many circumstances that may result in happy well being or that may result in hard situation to cope with. If one day we are happy by the birth of individual, the next day it can be converted into grief by the death of your beloved one.

Our today’s loving friend can be tomorrow changed into the enemy. Our today’s wealth might be no longer be with us tomorrow. All such things in our life are uncertain and unpredictable. This miseries all start with the vanity and results in all the losses, then why not to leave such thing but no almost all individual have proud or greed of something so it cannot be left soon. When one understand these things he then is said to be developed. Life will be all happy after that and leads to the evolutionary journey.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Staying fit and healthy aging

Aging or maturity starts initially from the day when we take birth and the development processes that gradually goes on. In order to keep ourselves fit with growing age with we need to take care of many things. Maintaining our dietary supplements, exercising regularly, working in schedule will help us in maintaining our health.

If a person is not balancing such things in the end he/she will be weak than others if compared. Also the persons who are maintaining themselves throughout all day they will look a bit younger than the person of his/her same age who are not balancing their things. Talking about the food that a person should take should contain all the nutrients and minerals necessary for the body. If our body is not getting the proper amount of nutrients necessary for our body we take them from medicines which are found in medical stores in order to keep ourselves fit, healthy, active. Some people may disturbed because of their weight as they cannot keep themselves active all day long. For such peoples it is always a good idea to go on jogging early in the morning, eat light amount of food during the meal time and do some minor exercises because of which they may not feel lazy and working out will help to reduce their weight too. You can eat more fruits and vegetables in place of carbohydrate containing food like rice, bread, potato etc.

Also avoiding food that are oily, contains much of spices which are not considered good for our health as they result in increasing the cholesterol level, sugar level, fluctuation in blood pressure. Drinking a lot water will help us to prevent from disease. Also drinking few glass of water before your meal will help you to balance the amount of food, you will eat less which is beneficial for you in maintaining body and overall health. Sitting in sun for few minutes will also be beneficial for maintaining healthy skin and looking young.

Fear and Reason

Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by threat of something or to be afraid of. After the civilization there are no more conditions that people have extreme fear of something, people easily pass their life from birth to death without having pain or fear. Having a fear is good also as you become aware on the things you are working on but having extreme fear of something can make you weak, you yourself will be the enemy of your own in such case.

Having a normal fear makes you familiar with the possible causes, outcomes and alert about the danger you might face. If we look up or think more in certain topic then there always lies a fear and this can be changed by providing continuous training to our mind. Self love and Self preservation is also a kind of fear that peoples are not aware of, as it is strongly present in every individuals. The mindset should be clear and fear must be out of our thought, instead it is better to replace fear with a reason. It is said a man goes through different stages, circumstances in his life that causes him with mental traumas and the fear evolves from that phase. Fear results in hurting yourself first so keep it as you can cope with it easily by following many things like keeping yourself busy so that you won’t have enough time for thinking about other things, keep yourself surrounded by peoples, train your mind with the positive thoughts. These things might be the reasons instead of having fear. Keep yourself full of confidence so that no evil can exist in your life. When the reasons for your selfpreservation becomes extremely active then there will be no place for fear to exist. When you have fear of something then the things may not go right, you cannot perform well, you will eventually be followed by a pain. Fear is a creature of imagination the more we think, more it grows and more will be level of unconsciousness as it gets on our nerves the level of consciousness drops out. Fear should always be given with such reason that helps people to change their behavior and way of thinking. Fear is a manifestation in which a individual reacts, all the states of mental mood, behaviors in unbalanced way. Fear can be categorized as fear for self and fear for others. In fear for self you will be centered to be protected while in fear for other you will have a feeling that others are not harmed.

Fear should be bounded by reasons, they will be helpful in providing warning which helps in doing a duty normally or makes you conscious about the abnormalities. There is no situation in anyone’s life as there exists no fear but we can do it control as it depends on us.

Healthy Cooking

For a healthy life, healthy cooking and having healthy meal is most necessary thing to do. There is always difference in choice of individuals among the family also for the taste of food. We can have wide variety of healthy food items for eating, cooking but for the preference of taste we may not have them. We need to be aware that the food that tastes so good for the tongue may not be healthy, they may contain excess of fats, sugar, spices which may be toxic to your health.

We should select our food in such a way that they provide us proper nourishment and no toxicity, allergies. Healthy cooking is one of the difficult task to do also as many of us need to go on work or come from work late and we do not have enough of time to prepare it well and our family members may refuse to eat the food we have prepared. Also we want our family to eat healthy so we must learn the different ideas for healthy cooking, and at the same time they must like and enjoy that food. A well balanced body and the amount of nutrition necessary for our body is always dependent on what kinds of food we take so it is very necessary for your family members to eat the healthy kinds of food that nurture the body well. Eating more junk food, drinks will increase the blood pressure, sugar level, cholesterol level which may be harmful for us as they add more amount of calories. We can take them occasionally in a limit sometimes though but taking them daily will directly harm us. The most important thing when you are cooking you need to know the proportion of nutrient found in that food item. For the people who wants to do the healthy cooking but do not have adequate knowledge about that they may consult with a doctor or nutrition specialist for getting tips about nutrition content in a food and how healthy cooking can be done.

Some people may say eating healthy and cooking costs more, we may have the packed food materials by looking at the amount of calories that can be healthy too but the packed food consists of chemicals to protect the food for the longer period of time. Such chemicals definitely harm us and if we go on taking them continuously then the day will be sooner when we will be ill, need to seek medical help and at that time the amount of medicine which we have to take will cost more than the amount that we can spend on the healthy eating before which we have neglected and have to suffer the later. Start from the small changes in your cooking habit and that will further encourage in healthy cooking.

Eating Healthy On A Budget

If getting healthy food is a problem because of the price then we need to figure it out how we can get healthy foods on our budget.

Avoid taking excess of junk foods

When go out on your shopping for taking all your food stuffs, it is always a better idea to go alone which will definitely reduce your expense on junk food as you will have only your idea to get things which you want for. But when you take your partner, friends, child with you for your help they will add the items of their choices which may not be important at all.

Getting water or milk instead of soft drink

You can always get your favorite drinks when you go out on a weekend, go on dinner or for partying. So its always a better idea to avoid soft drinks that costs more when you are at home. Also such taking such drinks daily is not good regarding our health. Drinking milk or taking other products of milk is beneficial for children as well as for adults.
They do not provide us with all the essential nutrients that our body needs.

Buy sufficient amount of fruits

When you have enough of budget at that time buy enough of fruits and store it for another season in the fridge so that you need not buy more in the next season and thus will promote in balancing your budget.

Using beans as a substitute

We can use beans instead of meat sometimes. We can make a lots of varieties with beans. Beans cost less than the meat and are also found to be nutritive.


If you are living by the area near to coast where fishes can be found then you can catch them, eat them as a diet which will also help you in saving money.

Eating healthy concerning on your budget is quite easy if you managed to do thoroughly and be smart with your shopping, diet, substitutes, etc.

Vitamins promoting healthy aging

Vitamins are the supplements that provide proper nourishment to our body. They are important for those who are in nutrient deficient. If one is weak then that person may be given vitamins as medicine or can take foods which are rich with vitamin content in them. But if one has enough amount of vitamins already in the body and again takes that then it may cause a harm.

We get vitamins naturally from the food that we take, that might be from fruits, vegetables, beans, etc. And if we do not get enough of vitamin that our body needs from the food that we eat then we have to take them directly as supplements available in form of medicine. Vitamins available in form of medicine can be found in any form like powder, liquid, gel, tablet, etc. It is us who has to choose the right type of vitamin needed for our overall development of body and health. If we cannot figure out the change and how it is working we can consult with our doctor and follow their prescription. Vitamins are helpful in balancing our body weight, help us to look young, acts as anti-aging, also helps in maintaining blood pressure, fight against diseases, relieve stress and many more helpful functions. Different varieties of vitamins are found. Among them few are Vitamin A, D, C, E, K, B1, B12, etc.

  • Vitamin A can be obtained from green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits which helps in building resistance of the body.
  • Vitamin D can be obtained from sunlight that nourishes our skin and overall body.
  • Vitamin E is also known as beauty vitamin can be obtained from fruits.
  • Vitamin C is obtained from citrus fruits which is helpful for making your immune system strong.
  • Vitamin K helps as anti coagulant as it helps to control the flow of blood whenever we get injured or cut by clotting.
  • Vitamin B is essential for the growth and development of body.

How to Motivate Yourself

Motivation is something that teaches or inspires to be constant in anything. Self confidence is the essential factor that determines your success, sometimes we may feel down, low because of lack of motivation. And that lack of motivation or discouragement may not let you to achieve your target or specific objective, it is up to you how you deal with such things and take them for a longer time.

You should be first very clear about what you want in your life and then if it is materialistic thing you want or it is certain position that you want to seek for then cut a piece of paper write what you want to achieve, also mentioning certain time interval and keep it in such place where you regularly see it so that that will remind you daily and will help you to work with motivation. Prepare the list of things that you want to achieve in your life and do a self contract with yourself that will work better than just having a mindset on things like I will do them. When you set a contract with yourself also set a definite time period that I will complete this in may be days, weeks, months or even years, and keep a prize if you complete that in time you will get that prize which will motivate you to do that work in time. If you were working for others you will be somehow concerned more as if you delay doing that you may not be rewarded or may not get the desired payment but when you work for yourself you can neglect things thinking it’s mine I will do it later. So it is better if you keep the reward for yourself too, it will motivate you to work further. The most important thing you need to have in confidence, patience, positivity. There may be times when we have fear that I cannot do the task well at such times if you are surrounded by positive people around you they will enhance you to do that properly, show you your abilities, capabilities. But at the same time if you are surrounded by negative people they will discourage you, make your self- esteem low so its better to keep such peoples out of your life. If you want to be success you always have to look forward and to the brighter side of your life. You can see over the motivational people who have done good in their life and can learn many things from their life. It’s better if you keep working for getting your target it will be fruitful then just letting be it with time.

Keeping yourself busy in work, avoiding negative people, looking to the exemplary character, reading literatures, books, and most importantly keeping yourself happy are the key factors that keeps you motivating.

Sleep disorders and healthy aging

According to many of the researchers it is found that about 70% of people all around the globe face problems because they lack proper rest and sleep. Lack of proper rest causes stress, depression, anxiety, etc. Inadequate amount of sleep is always a sign towards illness.

Good sleep is necessary for the good health. When one lacks proper sleep it causes low concentration and weak memory power. Lack of sufficient amount of sleep can cause us with a disease called as “Insomnia”. The body parts may not work accordingly because of less amount of rest. If the body is lacking rest it will automatically slow down the activities due to lack of energy. To avoid this type of laziness we should set a fixed time table for work, sleep, exercise. If all these things are in routine our body can be healthy enough. It is prescribed we need at least 6 hours of sleep regarding adult and 8 hours of sleep regarding childrens. Likewise if you get too much of sleep during the day time or the waking hours you will find problems while sleeping at the bed hours. So there must be a certain period when you have to work and when you need to sleep. Sleeping more than what our body needs also causes problems like tiredness, fatigue, high blood pressure, etc. Many diseases that are related to heart are mostly affected because of sleeping disorders. According to survey many of the women are found to be suffering from sleeping disorders than men. Sleep disorder may hamper all your body activities or metabolism. Many people experience muscle pain, joint pain getting either more amount of sleep or insufficient sleep.

When we find difficulty in sleeping we should be able to know the cause and eradicate it. Like some people eats heavily at dinner because of which they feel restless and can’t sleep well. It is always better to avoid caffeine as it acts as stimulant and will keep you awake if you consume during the night time. Exercising can also be a better idea as it will help you to rest easily and keep your body healthy.

Lifestyles in healthy aging

People may have their own way of living but when it comes to their health, they are forced to change their lifestyle although it’s a hard thing to do. Living for few more years is always a want of people who go through old age. For that all we need to do is keep our life simple and change the eating habits to a certain extent. In doing so life can go for few more years on changing our living.

First of all we should learn to be relaxed, take proper care of our health and keep our mind in state of peace. It will help us to minimize our stress level. Many people have to give up their lives leaving their family behind, stress can be the cause. In today’s world money has been the main cause of stress. It is needed to fulfill our desires but moreover that it is bringing many problems like if there is a single working person in the family he has to balance all the things out there and its somehow challenging for a single individual to maintain all things accordingly. If he is not able to deal this situation he goes through lots of mental trauma which results in further illness. For coping with this situation you need to self directed as this may happen and share your problems with your family members so that they can help you in managing your work, provide financial support etc. Living healthy life basically depends on you yourself. If you are seeking for a healthy life to live you should know what changes are necessary in your lifestyle?

Probably these are the few things that might help you out:

  • You may change your eating habits. Like if you eat lots of junk and fast food avoid that and start taking plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Workout often to keep yourself free from stress and make your body flexible.
  • Live in peaceful environment. If you are living in crowded area the smoke, gases, pollution may hinder your health.
  • Visit or consult doctor on certain fixed interval that might help you address if you are going through any disorders.

Herbs helping with healthy aging

Herbs are the small plants. Different varieties of herbs are found all around the globe and few of them are useful for a healthy living. Herbs are found naturally, they will not harm us unless we use them without prescription. Herbs can be used for many reasons. Among them one of the best use we can make from herbs is for maintaining our health as they can be used for medications.

Tulsi is widely as in form of herbal tea which is used for improving metabolism activities, improves digestive system and also disease related to respiratory system. Herbs can used in form of medicine, vitamins. Herbs are helpful in treating common cold as well. They can be used in cosmetics too as they help in reducing wrinkles and helps in making anti wrinkle medicines. Herbs can be treated as oil and ointments if anyone is suffering from joint and muscle pains. Herbs like Kava is important and helpful for the cure of anxiety. It is helpful for reducing stress, helps to make the body relaxed and sleep well. Similarly Plum flower can be useful in the cure of severe headache, cancer, stomach related disease, hypertension etc. Turmeric is also found effective to treat people with digestive disease and also it is used as facial mask to remove pimples, dark circles, scars and wrinkles. Mint, Aloe Vera, Cinnamon are the commonly found herbs used. Dandelion is a type of herb which is helpful in curing the disease related to the liver. Herbs are plants with savory and aromatic properties because of which they are used as medicines, cosmetics, or for the fragrances.

The reasons why the herbs are best preferred from point of view of health are as follows:

  • Herbs are generally found in low price than that of other medicines, so they are affordable for all groups of people.
  • They are found to give few side effects.
  • Helps in metabolism and stabilizing the hormonal level.
  • Easily found in many regions as they are natural.

Sometimes along with many benefits it may also harm us being not aware on how it treats and works. So it is always a better idea to use it knowing the facts about it under the supervision of specialist.

How working promotes healthy aging

Working is really necessary in order to keep our body balanced and when it comes to your health it plays a great role for maintaining it thoroughly. There are many reasons like why we should do work for our good health. It is always a good idea to keep yourself busy in any sorts of work either that is very small also because it keeps you away from boredom, you feel relaxed etc. But if one does no work all day long that person may get stressed out, depressed.

So work is a technique that boosts up your energy level and keeps you fit and improves your health directly or indirectly. If you are having a problem at your home at that time also if you are doing any kind of work for that moment on which you are working on you will forget that problem, pain you have been going through in your life. Working gears up your self-confidence, skills, abilities in a better way. In order to minimize stress we should work on daily basis and it will also improve our health which will address by ourselves. It will also lead you to the path of positivity. Let’s take the example of one who doesn’t work he/she will always be like sick, lazy, they don’t expect good things to happen in life, they will always be directed towards the dark side of their life only. Such persons will feel themselves as the lonely one, deprived of knowledge, low level of confidence and these all things will lead to the bad health of a person. Also because of no work they gain a lot of weight which results them in suffering from many health related disorders.

There will be disturbance in rest and sleep, waking and sleeping hours fluctuates which may cause headache that may extend continuously. We may not feel good by working one day and relaxing the next day but if work in certain time limit daily this will definitely improve our health conditions .

What is Drug Addiction

Drug simply refers to harmful chemical that can alter the level of our consciousness. It mainly affects our nervous system. And drug addiction means the habit of taking the substances that can alter our consciousness by affecting the nervous system. Some of the harmful drugs are cocaine, heroin, brown sugar, opium, ganja, etc. Nicotine and caffeine are also considered as drugs if we take them in high amount regularly. Regular consumption is not considered good as you may get addicted to that substance and that starts harming you.

Nowadays, mostly the young or the adult generations are found to be intoxicated in drugs. Drug addiction is a serious social problem as it is creating so much of problems in individual’s life, family and also society. Mostly boys are found to be taking drugs because of the bad company, sometimes they want to taste, for short term enjoyment, peer pressure, family issues and many such other reasons and they go on taking it and thus become addicted that they cannot live without taking it. Sometimes the addiction starts from your home itself, if you are taking alcohol, smoking in front of your family members they can be curious and try it learning from the adults in house. Few people start taking drugs to deal with the harsh conditions thinking that can cope from that tension, stress for a short period of time and be out of that. If you are in bad company or in touch with some smugglers then they will enhance you for taking drugs, even they can provide you drugs in free of cost first with the aim that you become habituated of taking and will buy from them. Drugs lower the thinking capability can make dull as it directly affects the mentality of a person. Drug addiction is adversely affecting the life of individual and society. Those who take the drug are affected the most, they don’t know what they are doing. Drug addicts see life from only their perspective what they are doing is good and rest of the other are bad. If anyone tries to provide counseling to them they will be aggressive and will find themselves as everyone’s opponent whom other people are trying to dominate. So the people who are addicted to drugs should be cured with all love and we should try to understand their emotion, pain what they have been going through and then we can treat them easily and help them to get rid from the addiction.

Drug addiction can lead a person to be directed towards criminal activities too. So, everyone should be concerned about this, awareness and education should be given. Also strict rules should be made so that the problem can be uprooted and all the sectors will be concerned towards it.

A Great Idea For a Blogging Web Site is No Longer Enough

Nowadays many of the people are making blogs and created websites about blog on internet as it is gaining much popularity. It is therefore a very challenging task to make your blog different from the others.

One of the best idea to make your blog post unique is by knowing about the audience’s interest like what they are interested in reading about. A good blogging is when it is able to give all the answers about the queries related with the topic that people might be willing to know in detail. In a broad sense it should be highly informative and give answers to the public. If one can fulfill those criteria then he/she will make place as a continuous readership among the different web surfers. If you are a beginner then you need to choose a perfect niche for your blog then the platform should also be known. You need a web account for hosting and need to write contents and promote your blogs. Once you choose a niche you still have to take care on many things for making your own place, identity. Almost all of the blogging websites starts with their own ideas, you cannot be successful unless you have your own creativity. There might be many bloggers in the world of blogging with the similar ideas too. To be different from them you should be able to compete with the word power that makes you different than the others. You need to make your ideas more impressive so that they will be catchy and will have more value, doing the task differently than the other websites is the most important thing that should be remembered. You may look over the popular websites for developing your skills and pick ideas from there for your better development. Many people have opinion that the websites that are most popular nowadays are definitely the one having good personality. It’s up to you like how you give structure to your format that is highly sensible with the best design and content. After you clearly understand and have idea for the site you have a niche that how you will take it to the long run. You also need to figure out the marketing plans and policy that will help you in attracting readers to your site.

As you create the blogs with unique content that will force the readers to come back to your site and this will help you for making your place in blogging sites if you are able to provide them with the different contents on a regular basis.

Home decorating for winter

Decorating the home is a trendy thing to do, people like to see their home decorative in all times that do not fluctuate with the seasons too. So decorating home in winter is equally prioritized.

Christmas also falls in the season of winter so many people keep Christmas tree and decorate it well in their homes, this decoration of Christmas tree is a part of decoration in their house which may last for a month. They are for the temporary decoration, they do not last long but definitely add beauty to your home until they are kept there. Winter days are cold and long so keeping things that provide us the feeling of warmth will d├ęcor the house beautifully in winter. We can keep lanterns and candle to light up during the evening and night which will provide a nice view when we see, also we feel certain warmth seeing them arranged in that way. You may keep the dolls of few hibernating animals in winter for decoration as they will provide you with the feeling that winter is around the corner. Overall your decoration of house like bed sheets, pillow covers, curtains can be changed and you may provide them with the fluffy materials as a resemblance of winter. You can make a fireplace at any one corner of your house provided with the chimney for smoke to go out and the burning of woods inside will provide warmth to the house and will be nice to see visually. There are no sufficient words to describe about the ability of fire to be provide warmth and brighten up the rooms during the winter season. For some people there is no feeling of winter unless they light up fire in the evening, sit around with their family members and enjoy the warmth and delightful time. It’s such a pleasing feeling to warm up your cold hands and to see the fire burning and glooming in front of your eyes. Same like that of fire, the candles and lanterns also provide us with the same feeling when they are kept inside the house. We can keep candles with fragrance as we light them up the fragrance spread all over the house and provide pleasant feeling to the soul.

When you are thinking of decorating for winter make a plan for lighting up with candles and lanterns for decoration, along with that remember fragrance keeps your mind and body fresh. Keep the cozy materials in sofa, bed that provide you with warmth and soft feeling when you want to relax and enjoy the winter season.

Home decorating for summer

Summer has always been my favorite season, I feel it’s a perfect time to start up your works as it gives me with very refreshing and pleasant kind of vibes. It’s the time in a year when we can enjoy variety of fruits like mango, watermelon, peach, berry, cucumbers and many more.

In Summer, the days are longer and the nights are shorter, we can enjoy watching fireflies that light up the sky filled with all joy and excitement. Thinking all these things decorating your home in summer becomes a much more interesting. As we have plenty of fruits in this season we can use baskets in our kitchen tables and decorate it with the different kinds of fruits available at your place. Also we can keep the flowers inside our home in the flower pot or vase daily as we can also have many varieties of flowers growing in this season. Basket and vases can be used in any part of your house for decorating it with fruits, flowers, also they can be utilized for keeping many tiny materials in the house which will be helpful in keeping the things in proper place rather than being scattered here and there. If you have knowledge of decorating things by art, craft then you can use the papers, old clothes and use them in decoration purpose. You can also paint the old materials present at your home and can make them beautiful in appearance. You can reuse various cans of juice by painting them, gluing thread around them and use as penholder, makeup holder etc. Also you can color the flower pots differently to make them look attractive. If you like to do the artistic kind of things then you can also paint your rooms in different style and color to make them attractive, if you are good and drawing and painting then you can utilize your time there and can hung the pictures in wall as a part of decoration. If there are good but unused curtains then you can transform them into small pillow covers, table covers for attraction.

You can make your house look good by adding extra lights or you may just use candles with attractive candle holders at night to make a good vision and when the candle lights up you will see a very eye catching and pleasing view. You make decorate your house with different wooden furniture. Decoration of house in summer can be done by planting indoor and outdoor plants. We can utilize part of our home where we can grow different flowers that will add to our house. We can put wind charm at the balcony as wind blows that will give melodious sound as well it will be pretty for the look also.

Home and Garden Decorating

When it comes to home and garden decorating people are found to be so interested in doing so as everyone likes to keep their garden and home attractive. It is a very common and ongoing topic we can see various television advertisement and programs also in which various ideas are given or discussed about. Such programs are interesting as well as informative for the people who watch them regularly, it will be helpful for generating techniques and ideas to make our home and garden attractive. Such programs will be helpful for us in the budget estimation and also they will teach us to use the materials that are already available at your home but of no use which you can use as decorative. It will help us in using the spaces for decoration which can show a great change.

Home and garden decorating includes a wide range of things which can be used and modified for the decoration. Old clothes, bottles, threads, newspapers can be converted in beautiful decorative by using the techniques of art and craft which can be done easily if you are interested to learn such things. Many of the people like to decorate their garden if they have a beautiful house. It is somehow good also it will help in adding more beauty if both the house and garden are well decorated. Home decoration can be done by using the flower from the garden too. We can keep the flower in vase for decoration or we can directly keep some indoor plants inside the house for decoration. When we talk about outside the decoration of house can be done by making garden in the roof or in the balcony area which will play a dual role as the house becomes decorative as well as gardening is done in your own house. It will save both time and money if you managed to do it in such a way. Decorating home and garden can make your life entertaining also, you enjoy decorating your house, garden, like spending time there if you are working for it. If you are a person who doesn’t like to see messy things around, unwanted plants growing here and there then you are a type of person who will definitely enjoy gardening and home decorating.

If u try once by utilizing your time and skill at decorating your home and garden you will be amazed to see your work later on. It is always a good idea to draft a plan before you start your work of decoration because it will provide you with full plans, required time, materials, budget and it won’t be confusing also for using the space where and how.

How Pests Affect Plant Growth

Pest can be said as small insect or animal that can damage the crops or food supplies. Pest is an epidemic disease that results in high mortality rate. If pests are controlled and provides no disturbance in the garden then there will be the healthy gardening.

As human health is also affected and cured by providing proper health facilities, a healthy plant growth can also be possible by providing the proper care in the garden. We can regularly do the operational techniques like weeding, cleaning, pruning in order to remove the disease pests. If any of the plant is affected by certain pest then the entire gardening can be affected as the pest can transmit from one plant to another which are nearby that infected plant or in contact through roots, branches. Pests result in plant to be diseased, damaged, forked, leaf defoliation and so on. To prevent from this regular spacing and lopping of plants can be done. Pests affect the flowering and fruiting patterns mainly. Pests affect the plants and their growth, habitat of organisms can eventually be destroyed as well as it results in degradation of natural resources like reduction in water quality, destruction and damage to the native plant species, increase in soil erosion, decrease in soil quality, texture. Pests are also one of the main cause for the reduce in production. Along with the disadvantages few insect or animals are also there which are found to be beneficial in the plant growth. Earthworms are also known as farmer’s friend as they plough the field naturally when they move in and out in the soil surface. This results in providing aeration to the plant roots for their further growth and development. Also they help in adding humus content in the soil. Likewise some birds help the plant to grow properly by eating the small insects present in the soil surface which are helpful in plant growth. Toad and frogs are also found to be helpful as they the insects like beetles, bugs, mosquitoes which are degrading the garden’s environment.

If garden pests are not controlled naturally they can be controlled with the help of various insecticides and pesticides found in the market. Using insecticides and pesticides should also be done by knowing how and where to use. If it is not done so then it may also affect the plant which may even result in the death of plant. Small insects can become pest in the garden as they eat the parts of plant that may result in wilting of plant parts.

My First Gardening Experience

Gardening has now become my daily dose of thing as I cannot keep myself from going in the garden, working there for few hours and relaxing there for next couple of hours. Really being in such a pleasant and beautiful place soothes my mind and soul, a kind of energy comes from where after being there for a while, all you are filled with positive vibes.

But remembering the very first day when I entered to the garden for working it was completely different than what I think of it now. It was the season of Monsoon when I first entered into the garden with my father for helping him there and also thinking I will learn to grow plants. But immediately when I entered inside I encountered few caterpillars on the way which was so scary for me. Also when I started working in the mud I found earthworms there, I shouted out there like if working in garden is to work with these creatures I’m not into these things and left from there. I literally thought it was my wrong decision to work in garden but later on my father said me these things are very normal when you in nature to work, they are also the part of nature, just you need to be careful with few such creatures they are not going to harm you. And then when I went for gardening the next times I didn’t found it as that scary as it was for me in the starting days. I became familiar how to work there and loved being in the garden for couple of hours. After that I like to cultivate flowers, fruits, plants. Whenever I find it necessary I do the tending, thinning, weeding, cleaning, pruning and mowing operations. In the past days I made some attempts to make my garden look beautiful, I planted rows of flowers in the either side of entrance, cleared the stones and pebbles from the ground. I also made the small wall from few sticks by decorating them with different colors and erected as a wall thinking no animal and people can get there easily, pluck the flowers and degrade the environment there. Being so fond of gardening I asked with many people about the gardening skills, what we can grow there, how can we take good care of it. Also I searched on internet for learning how to make a garden look healthy, learnt about watering techniques, what mistakes I have been doing till date in my gardening, techniques and species of plants to grow in the respective season and many others things.

This is how my gardening experience turned from a disaster to a very interesting and important part of my life that I cannot miss for even a single day.

Making a Garden

There are several reasons why people want to make garden in their home or nearby their home. Having a garden nearby, looking out there, gardening, scenic beauty there provide everyone with the pleasant and peaceful feelings.

If we are going to make a garden the most important thing to do is the proper selection of site. Area coverage is also the determining factor for making a garden. The space must be abundant in the place where we are making a garden because the plants, fruits, flowers need proper spacing to grow out there and also we people can go there and should be able to roam freely inside the garden area whenever we want to go for the recreation purpose. Also one should take care that the area in which the garden is to be made gets the proper amount of sunlight as it is the foremost thing that plants need for their growth and development. The type of soil in that area should be checked before the cultivation of plants because if we know the soil quality, type, texture we will know which types of plant grows better there and then can do the plantation and cultivation accordingly. While making a garden it is a better idea to make a draft plan or map before we start our work, that will be helpful for us when we actually work for making a garden. It helps in estimation and costing of all the necessary things related with the gardening purpose. Taking care of the garden area is also necessary. For that regular cleaning and weeding of unnecessary plants is necessary because they provide hindrance to the growth of plants which are cultivated there. If it is not done so there will be unnecessary competition between the plant species for food, water, sunlight etc. The idea about maintaining shelter belts and windbreak if known will be better. If the garden area is small the grasses and unnecessary plants can be plucked regularly and can be eradicated, but if the area is large enough the it is better to plough in the areas with unwanted growths because regularly plucking, wedding manually will be a difficult thing to do and also time consuming.

The unwanted plants can be collected and decomposed in one place and later they can be used as green manure or the compost manure which adds nutritive value in the soil and helps plant to grow better. Before planting in the garden the big lumps of soil needs to be converted into finer soil particles only then the sowed seed or plants can grow well as it gets proper aeration in the loosely arranged soil particles.

Picking a Healthy Plant

When you think of gardening then there are two things to be done either sowing the seed in the ground or planting the entire plant.

Both of the things have their own way for growth, if sow the seed then you need to take extra care for the proper germination of seed into a young healthy plant. The shading, lighting, watering should be taken care when growing a plant from seed. Somehow sowing seeds to get a plant is risky also as the seed may not grow if it has deformities, sometimes the insects or birds may eat the seed also of which we may be unknown and wait for the plant to grow. On the other hand if you manage to buy a small plant from market or nursery to grow it may reduce your work to a certain extent. However some plants taken from nursery may not grow well because of the use of chemicals and fertilizer, we must be able to select healthy plants that will further grow well. How can we select the best plant or seeds for planting can be identified with few of the techniques which we will be discussing here and they may be important and informative for the people who are not aware of such things before. Some people may not look at the plant when they buy it randomly, make sure the plant looks nice. If it is healthy it will be nice in appearance, caused with no disease and disorders. If the plant is diseased or have deformities you can find it looking at its structures like the stem may be bent, yellow leaves, rolling and browning leaves, leaves foliation, wilting parts in plant, etc.

Plants can be grown well by vegetative propagation, air layering if you have a healthy plant you can do clonal propagation from that plant. Plants are less harmed if they don’t have flowers, propagation can be easily done through them and many other healthy plants can be raised from the same plant. If you are doing propagation from the plant that consists of flower there are very high chances of plant to die. Next thing you can take care of is always check the roots of the plant before buying because if the roots are not in good condition the plant will die as roots help plants to provide water, minerals from the soil, helps in anchorage, lifts the plant upright. You need to see if there are any rots, decay in the root parts or not.

Urbanization – an Overview

The process of making an area urban or simply converting the rural or remote areas into cities or towns is known as urbanization. The urban areas have small space in comparison to the rural areas as the urban areas are occupied with many buildings and industries. People living in the urban area are more in number than that of rural areas because the facilities provided in urban area are more than that of the rural areas and better too.

The reasons and causes of urbanization is because of the modernization and development , along with them industrialization is also the prime cause of urbanization. Different gadgets , tools, techniques have made our life more easier than in the past and such things can be easily available in the city area. We can say urbanization is a part of development which is creating a path in scientific discoveries. Trade centre, market are very common in urban area and which enroll us to get into many informative things directly. There are many advantages we can utilize and make our life better because of urbanization. We can utilize the facilities like transportation, education, health services, employment, electricity, media of communication and so on. People always try to give their children the best and quality education, the number of schools in the urban area is likely to be more and we can educate them well with the emerging facilities to learn and use different technologies. When we talk about the rural areas the number of people living there is less, there are only few hospitals where only minor cases are examined so people face difficulty to face such situation and move to cities in order to cope from that situation because no people like to keep their life in risk or danger. People can learn about lots of new things in the city area, develop them well and can get the employment easily.

Along with the facilities and advantages of urbanization there are some demerits also. As the population is more the area everywhere seems to be polluted and noisy unlike in the village. People are not that friendly and cooperative as everyone is busy in their own works to make their lifestyle better. The town is filled with the buildings and industries so there is no space or the forest resources we cannot feel the fresh air and the pleasant environment like of village. Life in urban area is busy, difficult but also with lots of opportunities if we can make a wise use.

Deforestation and its Effect

The act of cutting down trees or clearing the forest areas is known as deforestation. Forests are very important for us to live a sustained life. Rapidly the forest resources are being degraded by the human activities, people are clearing down the forest for their benefit and use.

We get a lots of things from the forest so it is our duty to conserve the forest resources, we people should be responsible for all the deeds. There are many reasons why deforestation is so leading these days. Among them over population is one of the most important factor for it, people are continuously using the forest resources in order to fulfill their demands. Mostly people clear down the forest area for settlement and to make agriculture land in the forest area. People cut down the trees to make furniture, or firewood, timber, also for feeding the cattle, sometimes they leave the animals free in the forest area in order to graze and browse which in return damage the forest crops and makes them to grow delay. People lack the sense of awareness also in many parts where people are illiterate and they don’t know about the importance of forest and how it brings changes in environment if we use them carelessly. Construction of roads, making industries are also the cause of deforestation. People clear down the forest area, make it barren and use it according to their will but this will definitely degrade the land and land use pattern, its productivity, capability, fertility, etc.

Deforestation will be the reason for many natural disasters to happen like flood, landslide, drought, soil erosion, pollution, global warming etc. When we cut down the trees the water holding capacity of soil will be less as a result when heavy wind, storm, rainfall occurs the topsoil gets carried away by the external agents easily and it will bring the changes in environment. Global warming the ongoing cause is also the result of deforestation as there is more amount of carbon, less amount of oxygen which warms up the earth and as a result variations in temperature, weather, season can be seen and it has a negative impact on the living beings, whole the system is not balanced. Similarly many of the wild animals and birds are being extinct as they lack the habitat when the forests are destroyed. We can get many medicinal herbs, food, fruits, firewood, timber from the forest so if the forest doesn’t exist then we cannot exist, entire nature will be affected. In order to conserve the forest all the knowledge about its importance and impact is necessary to be provided every people and work together for its conservation.

A Memorable Day in My Life

We go through a lots of changes in our life, we enjoy, see and deal with different events in our overall journey of life. Among all those things what we go through few events might in our life which we cannot forget for our entire life. The day which is memorable to me is when I was in grade nine.

At that time we had a function in our school as well as farewell for our seniors. It was just the beginning of summer, the weather was very refreshing to work in it and the most important thing is that we were given all the responsibilities to manage and conduct the program happening on that day. It was a great opportunity to show all of our teachers, family, seniors about how we can make it the best day. Also a very challenging task like how we will manage all things in a proper order, there was a little fear in everyone’s mind like what if something goes wrong. Keeping all those dark sides away we promised with each other to make that program even better than others could do and worked for it. We all the whole class students discussed and decided to divide our work and make a draft plan before starting and arranging things so that it will be easy for conducting all works accordingly. We set different departs for different groups like who will look after cultural programs, who will call and invite the guests, who will prepare the garlands, who will be hosting the program, who will go to buy the necessary things for the program and many other things like this. We started working before a week so that if we have any limitations we can fulfill that before the last hours, that is the program day. We all were very concerned and planning it as our big day with full excitement and sharing all our happiness together. When finally the day came which we have been waiting for, we became very happy as the first impression when everyone came there were praising for our work as we have decorated the stage very beautifully. We had scheduled the program also in such a manner that no one would feel boring, we had kept speech, drama, singing, dancing in a pattern that everyone was enjoying. The time ran out and few of the programs were left which we thought of discarding but everyone insisted to show all those ignoring the time limits.

It was really impressive as everyone was so satisfied with our arrangement and I personally felt very good working with my entire group sharing those precious days with all the dedication and cooperation and which taught us few lessons like if we together there is no such thing which we cannot do and we can learn many more good things when we share the bond of togetherness. Everyone congratulated us for our work and that day indeed is the one which is unforgettable for me.

An overview of Environment Pollution

Environment is basically the surrounding around us, all living creatures living in nature have their own environment, habitat where they live in. Nowadays as the trend of urbanization and industrialization are growing more as the means of development our environment is getting degraded day by day.

The main cause of environment degradation is overpopulation which leads in destruction of natural resources like deforestation. The natural environment now has been adversely changed and affected because of the unusual activities of we humans. People are cutting down forest areas for their benefits like for settlement as the population is growing day by day, for firewood and timber, for furniture, for building houses, industries which is directly causing the imbalance in the environment and ecosystem.

Another cause of environment degradation is pollution. Pollution refers to the contamination or affecting the quality of any substance. It will bring change in the quality and quantity of the natural resources . Different kinds of pollution are air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, soil pollution etc. More or less pollution is responsible for bringing change in environment other than the normal state, and the cause of pollution is also the human activities. As the urbanization and industrialization are in progress the harmful chemicals or the wastes degrade the quality of land, water sources. Industries should be built far away from the residential area in order to control the pollution. People are being careless day by day they are throwing the waste anywhere they want to rather than making a safe site for the disposal of waste. People lack the sense that they are degrading the environment in which they have been living, if they make the wise use of waste by reusing, recycling or decomposing it will be beneficial to them also the environment remains balanced and healthy. Most of the people may be uneducated and unknown about the consequences what they might face because of deforestation, pollution in the coming days. Unplanned urbanization and industrialization is causing pollution in soil and water as they do not have enough space for the waste disposal and make the outlet of waste materials in the water source and land that is around them which affects the life of creatures living there , the water and land quality gets depleted. When the environment is degraded it can be the cause of various disease also. Greenhouse effect, ozone layer depletion, acid rain, etc are the severe cases that might happen because of pollution. The land will be less cultivable than it used to be before pollution. Overall cause is whole the ecosystem gets unbalanced, it is so the duty of we peoples to take care after such things before facing the consequences.

We can generate awareness programs, conduct afforestation, proper use of pesticides should be taught and few laws should be made so that people will be concerned and responsible towards it.

Importance of Women Education

The living creatures in human society are men and women. For maintaining and having the equal roles and responsibilities all should be given equal rights. The most important thing they need is quality education. Men and women are said or compared to be wheels of same cart, one is incomplete without another.

More than half of the world’s population is occupied by the females, so if they are not given the right to education then half percent of world will be illiterate and it will create a obstruction in the path of development of nation. For a nation to be developed, women should be given with proper education facilities. In most of the societies we can see women facing violence, ignorance. Men’s consider them as tool for reproduction and to carry out household works only. In most of the parts of different countries girls are not sent to school for education as the society and family thinks there is no worth of teaching them , they will get married and look and run their generations. Many of the women are limited in household works they are not supposed to work outside their home. Many of the women’s being illiterate are also conservative as they lack knowledge about different aspects, they are all bounded with superstitious thoughts and beliefs.

Nowadays we can see quite more improvement along with the time period. Girls are also given priority and sent to school, college for education. Most of the people in urban areas are developed and discard the thoughts like before but there are many girls in the rural areas who are deprived of getting education. Educated women and girls can provide contribution to their family, friends, society, also the country. If a mother is educated in a family she makes the whole family educated and looks after the family better. She can teach all the members in the family about right, responsibilities, behavior, discipline etc. When a child is born before going to school, home is the school from where he/she learns about different things, so mother can be said as the first teacher who teaches and shows us different things including rights and wrongs. Also if a women in the house is educated she can work too for making their living better and support her husband emotionally and financially.

For making a change women should be given education, trained, enhance skills and knowledge. Women should be given high priority and should be provided with awareness on how they can uplift themselves in the society.

Changing Habit of How You Eat

We need to know that not getting the sufficient amount of nutrients severely affects our well being, physical health as well as mental health. The overall development of our body and brain is highly influenced by the amount of food that we take daily. To provide proper nourishment and essential supplies eating healthy is the most important thing we need to do. Even though eating healthy is important, there are certain beliefs that disturbs our performance if we go through them. Some of them are listed here as follows:

1) Avoid taking alcoholic items and cold drinks
Fresh juice taken from fruits and vegetables is considered highly beneficial for being healthy. A glass of lukewarm water intake after waking up in the morning activates your nerves. Milk and water are most importantly necessary for people to be active. Drinking a plentiful of water everytime before we get thirsty is good because if we get thirsty by that time our energy will already to be low.

2) Depending on energy bars and drinks
When we are in rush, got no time for meal as a supply for quick energy it is good to have such things sometimes but depending on such bars and drinks daily is not good regarding our health.
They do not provide us with all the essential nutrients that our body needs.

3) Performing exercise on an empty stomach
If we listen a continuous deep, resonant sound coming out from the stomach then know we are forcing ourselves for the workout in deficiency of nutrients. Before starting any task it better we take light amount of food that will help us to gear up.

4) Taking food with low carbohydrate
It is somehow a very good idea to avoid food with high carbohydrate as it may result in unnecessary weight gain. But taking excessively low amount of carbohydrate is not good as our body needs it to the fixed amount and useful for the storage of energy also when in need.

Changing our eating habit will always lead our body to perform well and no doubt we will be living a very healthy and prosperous life ahead.